Space's Power Up Sheet

Space has access to Power Ups! but they dont all work the same, so here's an overview on what's different with each!

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(note that this page is currently still a wip! it will be getting upgraded from time to time with more power ups n stuff)

Super Mushroom

while spaces's primary size is more akin to the small form, the super mushroom doesn't give him any size growth. instead, consuming it will give him a simple boost in strength and jump height, along with recovering his hat if it were to have been lost before collection. just like it would with mario, it also gives space one extra hitpoint before death.
other power-ups share the same bonus as the super mushroom.

Fire Flower

instead of shooting 2 fireballs at a time, the fire flower allows space to throw a singular, more powerful fireball, which does twice the damage. where the usual fireball would kill an enemy and disappear, the double fireball simply transforms into an usual fireball and continues its path until it hits a block or another enemy (if the enemy takes more than one fireball to kill, the fireball vanishes entirely while dealing both points of damage).
the double fireball can also bounce off a wall at the cost of the added power, again returning to a regular fireball.
the form also allows space to destroy the thrown fireball at will, regardless of its current power status.

Ice Flower

alike the fire form, the ice flower only allows for one thrown iceball at a time, except it doesn't gain any buffs other than not destroying after a few bounces. instead, attempting to throw a second iceball during a small time window right after last throw will instead launch a small sliding ice slab across the ground which will destroy upon enemy contact, but stops in place upon colliding with a frozen enemy, transferring the force to said ice block, or a wall, which will simply stop it in place.
similar to the fire flower, space can also destroy the thrown iceball at will.